Student Culture and Dealing with Peer Pressure

Everyone knows that the stereotypical student lifestyle involves lots of drinking, partying and a heck of a lot of late nights. Prayer and worship hardly seems get a look in. By all means go out and have fun, but try…


Building Friendships

Before heading to university, you might have made a devout promise to keep in touch with every single one of your friends; committing to speaking to them every day, updating them on everything uni life throws at you, and visiting…


Relationships and Sexuality

As you get settled into life at uni, you might notice that your relationships with those around you begin to change. There is a chance that your friends from school drift from your inner circle to becoming more like acquaintances,…


How to Maintain a Healthy Long Distance Relationship at Uni

Moving away from a partner to attend university is one life’s hardest challenges. Jessica shares the story of her long distance relationship with Tom, and offers some sage advice on how to maintain a healthy and fulfilling long distance relationship whilst at university.


Tweet Others As You Would Like To Be Tweeted

The use of social media continues to sky-rocket, while cracks in the framework of society grow. Can the answer be found in social media itself, or do we have a part to play?


A Leap of Faith: Coming to University

For even the calmest among prospective students, coming to university is a leap of faith. For anxious people like myself, it’s been downright terrifying at points. However,there are certain things you can do which make the experience more fulfilling and at the very least, less stressful.


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