Rustic Bread Recipe

Bread. Perfect for sandwiches, as an accompaniment to soup, and as a late night snack toasted and covered with cheese. Here's a simple bread recipe that makes a small loaf, a batch of 8 rolls or a great pizza dough.


Pasta Sauce Recipe

This simple tomato and basil pasta sauce can be adapted to make a delicious bolognaise or a fiery chilli with the addition of a few extra ingredients.


Mug Cake Perfection

Mmm, cake. If you have a sweet tooth, this quick and easy mug cake will definitely hit the spot.


Fifteen minute Curry

From chopping board to plate in just 15 minutes, this tasty, filling curry is great for both entertaining friends and busy exam periods.


Easy Bake Biscuit Recipe

The perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea, this biscuit recipe is super simple and can easily be adapted to make them vegan or gluten free.


Easy Salmon Carbonara

A super easy and delicious salmon carbonara with crème fraiche and lemon that's quick to rustle up but sure to impress your flatmates! Full of flavour and minimal clearing up afterwards; we count that as a win. Serves: 4. Cooking time: 20...


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