Practical Tips & Advice

Pocketing the Pennies

Starting university is an exciting time, but it’s also a very expensive one! Here's a few suggestions that can help you stay on top of your finances and save you from the debt monster. Add your tips in the comments!


Life to the Full

How do we get the most out of life? God calls us to live life in all its fullness. Being a student is a great time to really respond deeply to this call. But before you launch yourself into 100...

Is uni really for me

Is Uni Really For Me?

Reconsidering your choice to go to university? You are not alone. Over ¼ of freshers in the academic year 2015/16 considered leaving at some point during their first semester. Joshua Allerton considers the options.


Freshers’ Week: Tips and Stories

Your first week at university will be a whirlwind of activity – there are people to meet, places to find your way around, and new experiences to be had. It’s totally normal to be nervous! We asked some students to...


Finding a Christian Community at University

Everyone’s different. What is right for your friends might not be right for you. Be brave and take some time to find a Christian community that’s right for you, where you can be yourself and be supported in your faith...


Domestic Bliss

You might not imagine yourself becoming a domestic deity when you head off to uni, but part of the independence of living away from home will mean that taking care of the everyday chores such as cooking and cleaning will...


Beyond Freshers’ Week

Once the fresher’s parties are over and the photos have been uploaded to Facebook, the real uni life begins. You’ll soon get into the rhythm of lectures and seminars, and that first assignment deadline will come around pretty quickly! What’s...


Five Ways to Practice Mental Wellbeing at University

Take five minutes this term to have a conversation with someone about mental health. Here are my top five tips for practicing good mental wellbeing at university.


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