Faith in Action

It’s Time to Put Faith in Action

How should you love the world? Which action should you take? Just like there are different body parts, there are many different roles within the church. If you’ve ever been to the exhibition space at a major Christian conference, you’ll know that there’s an ocean of organisations eager to sign you up for their mission, and it’s easy to end up feeling drowned with options.


How Faith Helps Our Activism

Making a difference in the world is about small steps. It can often feel like the problems of the world are too big and we must therefore give up doing anything to make a difference, but God encourages us to do something anyway. If doing something only helps one person, it’s already better than doing nothing and helping no-one at all.


Living the Great Commission at Uni

Evangelism. Many of us shudder at the idea of it. We think of it as such a dirty word nowadays. Evangelism conjures up images of Billy Graham, hundreds and thousands of people flocking to his feet. Contemporary evangelism may have grown up a bit, but we still hold that picture in our heads and it gets results, there’s no denying that.


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