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What do you wish you’d been told before you started university? Do you have a student life hack you’re willing to share? Perhaps you’ve got something to get off your chest about the state of student Christianity today?

Write for us!

We’re always looking for new contributors to the site, and welcome submissions all year round. You can write about your experience of being a student, a reflection on an aspect of your faith, or share your tips for getting the most out of the university experience. Perhaps you’ve got an amazing brownie recipe to share, or you’re a budding theologian who can make theology accessible to all. Whatever your passion, share it with us!

To submit an idea for an article, please contact us. Before you do, have a read of our submission guidelines below:

Submission Guidelines

Be honest

Our readers are looking for people to share real stories of what it is like to be a Christian student, with all it’s ups and downs. Don’t be afraid to show the reality of being a student! It’s also important that your piece is authentic and comes from the heart – tell us what you really think!

Be accessible

Not everyone visiting the site will be an expert on your topic, and for some English might not be their first language. Use clear language and avoid jargon.

Be concise

Articles are more likely to be read fully if they are under 600 words. Use short sentences and avoid really long paragraphs.

Be engaging

Hopefully your article will get people thinking and asking questions, so please stick around and engage with your readers in the comments section.

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