Ruth Harvey

Ruth is the Finance and Communications Officer at SCM. Ruth is part of the Communications team along with Rob, and she loves a good pun, a bit of subversive cross stitch and eating breakfast foods at all hours of the day. Show her a good meme and she'll be your friend for life!

Looking After Yourself

Our physical and mental health are both tied into our overall wellbeing. Here are our top ten tips for looking after yourself at university. Eat right! It’s important to eat healthy, nutritious food. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever gorge…


A Prayer for Time of Stress

Whether starting or continuing, university can be an incredibly stressful time! Take some take time out of your day to pray.


Student Culture and Dealing with Peer Pressure

Everyone knows that the stereotypical student lifestyle involves lots of drinking, partying and a heck of a lot of late nights. Prayer and worship hardly seems get a look in. By all means go out and have fun, but try…


Discipleship: Deepening Faith

What even is discipleship? It’s one of those words that gets bandied about a lot, and it can have different connotations for different people. We think that discipleship is taking up the call to follow Jesus, whatever that may look…


A Prayer for Going to Uni

A handy prayer to say and keep with you as you prepare to go to university.


Reading the Bible

One of the ways that you can keep your faith fresh at university is to read your Bible, and there are many ways to read it.


Why Pray?

Prayer can help keep a sense of perspective, through listening to the ‘still small voice’ of God and finding peace and nourishment. Prayer and meditation are proven to keep you in good health and reduce stress, which is very important at university with all those essay deadlines and exams!


How Faith Helps Our Activism

Making a difference in the world is about small steps. It can often feel like the problems of the world are too big and we must therefore give up doing anything to make a difference, but God encourages us to do something anyway. If doing something only helps one person, it’s already better than doing nothing and helping no-one at all.


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