Rob Chivers

Rob is a Regional Development Worker for the Midlands, and he takes a lead on the SCM Connect Project. A former student, Youth Worker and musician, he’s a big fan of community (the concept and the US sitcom).

Choosing A Uni With Your Heart

The time is coming when you have to decide what the next step is in this game of life, and you may well be thinking about university. This new blog series, Choosing Your Uni, is here to help! We’ll point…


Choosing A Uni With Your Head

The time is coming when you’ll have to decide what the next step is in this game called life, and you may well be thinking about going to university. Our new blog series on Choosing Your Uni with your head…


Building Friendships

Before heading to university, you might have made a devout promise to keep in touch with every single one of your friends; committing to speaking to them every day, updating them on everything uni life throws at you, and visiting…


Discipleship: Community

Discipleship is a personal thing but it isn’t always private. At it’s very core it involves other people in community together; learning, teaching, walking alongside and encouraging each other in faith. This doesn’t have to look like the traditional church…


Introduction Feminist Theology

By Nicola Slee Feminist theology, or more properly, theologies, has emerged in modern times as a challenge to the male bias in religion and society as a whole. Although feminist theology has many significant roots in pre-modern history, it has…


Introduction to Black Theology

Black Theology can be broadly understood as the self-conscious attempt to enter into rational and disciplined conversation about God and God’s relationship to Black people in the world throughout history. The God that is at the centre of Black Theology…


You Means You

Rob reflects on the importance of living out our faith in community.


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