Alex Clare-Young

Revd. Alex Clare-Young (they/them) is a minister of the United Reformed Church and a member of the Iona Community. Alex is passionate about people and uses their experience as a transmasculine person to advocate for trans and non-conforming people and to help communities to process change. Alex is currently undertaking doctoral research exploring theology with trans/non-conforming people and is serving as Community Leader of Peter's House. Alex lives in Scarborough with their wife, Revd. Jo, and their dog Digger.

Discipleship: Diversity

We believe that everyone should be involved in discipleship and is welcomed in to being a disciple by Jesus.  Discipleship without diversity is not a true reflection of God’s Kingdom. In this blog Alex looks at how discipleship and diversity…


A Theology of Worship at University

What does it mean to worship as a student, moving away from home and starting a new learning journey? Alex Clare-Young shares their six thoughts about the theology of worship.


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