Top 10 Podcasts for Students

Here’s our top 10 recommendations.

The Liturgists

Set up by Michael Gungor (of the music collective Gungor) and Mike McHargue aka ‘Science Mike’, the Liturgists podcast seeks to explore the sacred through art and scientific enquiry. By blending beautiful music, compelling topics, interviews and poetry, this podcast is a food for the soul.

The Guilty Feminist

Host comedian Deborah Frances-White and her special guests discuss all things feminism, whilst engaging with their own insecurities and failure to live up to their lofty principles. Absolutely hilarious and an SCM Office favourite.

On Being

Join Krista Tippett to engage with some of the big questions of life with scientists, artists, theologians and teachers. The author focuses on five concepts—words, flesh, love, faith, and hope—that she identifies as “raw materials” for the “superstar virtues” of “love, compassion [and] forgiveness.” An SCM Member favourite.

Melanin Millennials

Melanin Millennials is hosted by Londoner’s Imrie and Satia and brings the ladies hilarious Whatsapp conversations to life as they don’t hold back on serving all the tea, crumpets, shade and woke commentary. For your latest updates on Black Twitter, politics and feminism, give this podcast a listen. A personal favourite!

Q Witness

If you’re looking to nourish your inner social justice warrior, then this podcast is for you. Every week a bunch of Quakers sit around and discuss topics such as ethical housing, spiritual activism and human rights. Featuring issues from Britain and around the world, this podcast will challenge you to engage in prophetic witness.

Made of Human

Sofie Hagen is a Danish London-based comedian who explores how to be human and survive adulting in her hilarious podcast. She interviews a variety of interesting characters to find out – How do they cope with being an adult person? How do they deal with the hurtful bits?

Homebrewed Christianity

Since 13th March 2008, Homebrewed Christianity Podcast has been bringing you the best nerdy audiological ingredients, so you can brew your own faith. You will find conversations between friends, theologians, philosophers, and scholars of all stripes. Previous guests have included Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Elizabeth Johnson, Diana Butler Bass, John Caputo, Richard Rohr and many other influential and emerging Christian thinkers.

The NT Pod

If you think Biblical Studies is fun or just want a really great mark on that theology essay, then the NT Pod is for you. Mark Goodacre, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Duke University unpacks passages from the New Testament to explore their historical context and seek their truest meaning.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Casper Ter Kuile and Vanessa Zoltan bring thought, reflection and laughter to Harry Potter as they explore the hidden meaning and wisdom in the Harry Potter novels. Using traditional forms of sacred reading they explore topics such as ‘commitment’, ‘revenge’ and ‘forgiveness’. Another SCM Member favourite.

Black Girls Nerds

Black Girl Nerds is a podcast and place where three intersections of identity meet and black women can express themselves freely and embrace who they are. This is not a show exclusively for Black women, but it is a show exclusively for Nerds!

There are so many podcasts out there and we know we’ll have missed some of your favourites. Why don’t you share the podcasts you love in the comments section below?

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