Freshers’ Week: Tips and Stories

Your first week at university will be a whirlwind of activity; there are people to meet, places to find your way around, and new experiences to be had. It’s totally normal to be nervous! We asked some students to share their experiences of arriving at university, and some tips to see you through those first few weeks.

Get involved!

‘The first week is great if you make an effort to go out and meet new people. Get involved and you will really enjoy your Freshers’ week!’ Philippa

Don’t expect too much

‘Remember that freshers’ week, no matter what you thought it would be like when you were in year 13, isn’t necessarily the best week of your life and it’s ok for it to not be. Because actually, why would just being with a whole load of randomers and starting a lot of new stressful things be the best thing ever?!’ Amelia

Remember everyone is in the same boat

‘Almost everyone is meeting each other for the first time and looking to find new friends, so be proactive and don’t be afraid to sit down next to someone and start getting to know them. Don’t be disheartened if this fails, find other people. Also assume the person you’re speaking with misses home twice as much as you do so be forgiving of their apparent cheek or rudeness.’ Duncan

Keep trying

‘I found the first five weeks incredibly difficult, and at that point would happily have dropped out. I struggled making friends because a lot of the activities in Freshers’ week were things I didn’t really like, or had never done before, so I didn’t want to go along when I didn’t yet know anyone. But if you find this too, hang in there and keep trying out new stuff and you’re bound to find other people who enjoy the things you enjoy and that can be the start of a beautiful friendship!’ Rebekah

Stick with it

‘Try not to go home for at least five or six weeks in your first term, especially if you’re feeling homesick – it will seem like a nice idea, but going back to uni will be much harder if you’ve not settled in properly. Feeling homesick can be pretty tough, but it definitely gets better. I struggled through the first few weeks, but I found some amazing friends and now I can’t imagine not being at uni!’ Hannah

Be reassured that God is with you!

‘Moving to a new city full of people I didn’t know was one of the most exciting and scary things I have ever done. Exciting because it was a chance for me to live life how I wanted to, and scary because that was something I had never done before. Yet looking back, I can see that God was with me through it all, helping me to connect with people and encouraging me. I’m so thankful that I can rely on God to love me through everything, and to just simply be there.’ Beki

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