Domestic Bliss

You might not imagine yourself becoming a domestic deity when you head off to uni, but part of the independence of living away from home will mean that taking care of the everyday chores such as cooking and cleaning will be down to you. Here’s a few tips to achieve domestic bliss:

Master some basic recipes.

There are tons of recipe books for students out there, and we’ve included a few simple recipes on this website for you to try too. As your confidence grows get creative by changing a few ingredients.

Stock your cupboard with the basics.

Things like pasta and rice are staples, but don’t forget herbs and spices too – they can transform the simplest recipes into delicious meals. Tinned tomatoes are so versatile; just add herbs to make a tasty and quick pasta sauce that is way cheaper than buying a jar. A pinch of salt in the water when you boil pasta really ramps up the flavour too.

Tame the washing machine.

Check the care labels on your clothes and make sure you use the right washing cycle to avoid shrunken jumpers and greyed out whites. Separate your washing into three piles – whites, brights and darks, and always check your pockets before throwing things in the wash!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Try to wash your sheets every week, and open the window once in a while! A clean and tidy room is much better for productivity, and will be more welcoming for your friends too.

And finally some sage advice from current students:

‘Club together with friends to do your food shopping. You can take advantage of multibuy deals, and sharing a taxi home with your shopping is much cheaper. Some supermarkets even deliver to halls for a small charge.’ Nathan

‘Learn to cook before you arrive. Useful for both popularity and survival!’ Liz

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